Thursday, May 12, 2005


Central Florida Knit Out and Crochet 2005

This info is brought to you from the boards at Debbie Stoller's stitch n bitch, which are a lot of fun to visit.
Update: This has been cancelled-- keep up with the latest by visiting the site listed below
Several Central Florida area knitting and crocheting groups are joining forces to host the 1st Annual Central Florida Knit Out & Crochet.

We'd love to have the help of individuals and groups in our area. Please visit our Yahoo! group for more infomation. Our first meeting will be Tuesday, May 24th - there's one at 3pm and another at 7pm. Details at the website.



When FL knitters visit Chicago. . .

where would they go? I have to go there in June for a library conference and i confess it now: when i did live in IL, i mainly went to nightclubs that allowed underage kids to drown their sorrows while dancing mopishly to joy division or the cure. i didn't join the knitting scene until later. . .so where will i go when i'm there? (apparently not to dance at club 950 since it isn't in existence anymore.)

to answer this question, i got some amazing help from a kickass chicago archivist and knitter named Heidi. She kindly gave me some tips i'm going to pass along to you (since everyone should go to chicago someday anyhow) And if you're a librarian that happens to knit, you should join her ring , which i am hesitant to do since i work for an organization that is anti-bloggy, even though i never do it at work! anyway, here's the dirt from Heidi on how to expand your stash while in chicago:

There are a ton of good yarn shops in Chicago but none of the best ones
are near McCormick Place--they're all north. If I had to recommend a few,
they are:

We'll Keep You In Stitches

67 E. Oak
This is right smack in the middle of the Gold Coast, near the Barneys NY,
the Bentley dealership and a bunch of other ritzy shopping stuff. But it
is just a few blocks from Michigan Avenue, Water Tower Place and the more
popular shopping like Crate & Barrel. As for their yarn selection, it's
OK. A lot of novelty yarns.

Knitting Workshop
2218 N. Lincoln
(They have a website but it doesn't seem to be
working at the moment). Safe neighborhood with lots of cafes and other
shops around. Probably my favorite yarn store in the city--great selection
and a comfortable space too. You have to walk a few blocks from the train
station to find it.

Knitters Niche
3206 N. Southport, about four blocks west of Belmont
I've never actually been to this one! I can't believe it.

Arcadia Knitting

The yarn is organized by color. They have all the
good brands and it's convenient by public transportation.

You could plan a little yarn store tour by way of the CTA red line train
(the one going north toward Howard). Get off at the Chicago stop for We'll
Keep You in Stitches, then go north some more to Fullerton for Knitters
Workshop, then a little more to Belmont for Knitters Niche, and finally up
to Lawrence for Arcadia. The distance from Lawrence back down to the Loop
is probably about 30 to 45 minutes. (CTA map is here:

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Where do Floridians buy yarn and knit anyway?

As a FL knitter, I am constantly asked questions like, "WHERE DO YOU BUY YARN?" "Where is a good local yarn shop?" "I'm going to be on vacation in FL, where's a stitch n bitch near my hotel?"

Wonder about these things no longer. This site is dedicated to putting out all the down and dirty details on where to get a fix on your yarn obsession while in Florida, rated the 6th most dangerous state in the Union! (I am proud of that.)

Feel free to email me with your FL knitting questions and I'll let you know where to shop, where to stitch, where to bitch, and all that good stuff.

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