Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Indiantown FL teens knitting at the library!

There's a really nice article about the cool partnership between retirees teaching teens to knit at the Indiantown Library in the Palm Beach Post. Check it out here.

Last night, two other librarians and myself led our own "knit night" for teens at our local library and it was a rousing success: 13 teens showed up and i was impressed at how quickly they caught on to the knit stitch! everyone had a great time. it was a fantastically fun experience, i recommend it to anyone interested in volunteering at their local library!

Friday, November 18, 2005


florida knitters site in the news!

Florida Knitters gets a very nice mention in a great article in the Daytona Beach News-Journal. The article is all about the new wave of male knitters- check it out here! I wrote the author Michael Haun a thank you for the mention (a nice man, but of course he DOES knit, what do you expect!) and he adds, "Male knitters are hard to find. Although I did hear from a reader originally from Great Britain, who said he and his army mates learned to knit during WWII. He was wondering why it was taking every one else so long to catch on to it."

For more male knitting inspiration, check out the new knit1 magazine- complete with a fold out centerfold, i kid you not, of a bare chested beefcake knitting on a faux bear rug.

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Knitty FL News

Here are some new and different things related to knitting going on in FL right now.

It's probably too late to get in on it, but Lily Chin (!) is going to do a workshop at the Stitcher's Haven in Plantation, FL in Feb 2006. Exciting! For more details, read the article in their latest newsletter here.

OMG, I have been drooling over the Loop-d-Loop book by Teva Durham, and thought how much I would love to see the items actually knitted up. Now I can! The Yarn Tree in Hollywood, FL is having a trunk show Dec 1-12! For more details, visit the Events page for the Yarn Tree here.

I've never been on a cruise, but one that combines knitting with all that food should be something else. Great Balls of Yarn! is involved with a cruise with the owner of Trendsetter Yarns as the guest of honor. To find out more, read all about it on their web site here.

St. Petersburg knitters, Dale needs your help! I read this in the St. Petersburg Times Floridian: "Making hats, lap robes, hot plates and pot holders for senior facilities and nursing homes keeps Dale's friend busy and feeling useful. But she's running out of raw materials. Dale hopes that folks with leftover yarns will donate them to this worthy cause; she will pay your shipping charges. Dale may be reached at (727) 372-8177; please leave a message."

And finally, an interest in knitting can indicate that you are part of the "MetroSpiritual" movement, whatever that is. Are you a MetroSpiritual? Prepare to agree or disagree, your choice!

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