Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Where do Floridians buy yarn and knit anyway?

As a FL knitter, I am constantly asked questions like, "WHERE DO YOU BUY YARN?" "Where is a good local yarn shop?" "I'm going to be on vacation in FL, where's a stitch n bitch near my hotel?"

Wonder about these things no longer. This site is dedicated to putting out all the down and dirty details on where to get a fix on your yarn obsession while in Florida, rated the 6th most dangerous state in the Union! (I am proud of that.)

Feel free to email me with your FL knitting questions and I'll let you know where to shop, where to stitch, where to bitch, and all that good stuff.

I live in London UK. My brother will be travelling to Kissimmee FL and i would like him to buy me some Lion Brand, chenille thick & Quick desert print yarn. Is there a shop locally either to Kissimmee or Orlando, where he would be able to get the yarn for me.
Thanks in advance Monika
Funky Munky Monica:

Here's a store locator for Lion Brand yarn. I typed in "Orlando" and got a lot of hits. Mostly you can find Lion Brand yarn at the following stores:
Rag Shop
Jo-Ann's Fabric

Have your bro go to this website and it will give him the addresses of all the stores that sell Lion Brand in Kissimmee!
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