Monday, August 22, 2005


SnB in the News

A Tallahassee SnB had their group featured recently (July 17th, but I'm a slow poke) in the Tallahassee Democrat. Read the article entitled, "Club's all talk, wrist action" here while the link lasts! Way to go, North FL Knitters! I'm pretty sure the group profiled is the Knitty Nuts, (due to my deductive powers)though the article doesn't name the group definitively.

Not as local but of interest to me was another recent article about the SnB phenomena (Aug 16) that focused on the Oak Park, IL SnB. The article, "Have a little bitch with your stitching" was exciting to me because it is the fabulous Heidi's group that was profiled. I was already forever Heidi's fan because she showed up (with 2 friends in tow) at the SnB at ALA, and she is a lot of fun! (and an extremely good knitter.) After reading the article, I am now super impressed with her. Here's why: (quote from the article, which you can read all of here) "The "stitch ‘n’ bitch" knitters have been passing around a special project since June 22: a prayer blanket for Mary Mapes, the widow of Peter D’Agostino. D’Agostino was the popular UIC professor murdered in Oak Park on his way home last June by a still-unknown assailant. Each member gets a week to stitch a strip of the blanket in whatever color or style she chooses. The idea is to pray for peace, comfort, healing, strength and courage while stitching one’s part."

What a thoughtful and wonderful gesture. The generosity and kindness of knitters everywhere never ceases to inspire and amaze me!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


2 cool upcoming knitting events in FL

Florida residents and visitors, there are 2 cool things for all things knitty coming up this fall. check it out!

1)Those folks at Hurricane Knitters are always coming up with good ideas! Here's their latest: A knitting day cruise (most likely in October) from Fort Lauderdale to South Beach and back via the Broward County WaterTaxi. Sounds fabulous! For more info, be sure to visit their site, join up, and email your info to the list and let them know you would like to go crusin'!.

2)The 2nd annual Florida Fiber-In will be Sept 16-18th in Orlando. The Fiber-In promises to be a "wonderful weekend of knitting, purling, spinning, weaving, chatting, workshops and FUN. Wannabe’s and Newbies welcome". For updates, join their Yahoo! Group:

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