Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Pushing Daisies Pushes Knitting!

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KNITTING UP "DAISIES": Viewers of this season's instant hit "Pushing Daisies" are going to get an eyeful of mighty interesting knit work made by Chi McBride's character, private investigator Emerson Cod. The behind-the-scenes talent responsible is celebrity knitting guru, author, designer and owner of the popular Studio City, Calif., knitting yarn emporium, La Knitterie Parisienne, Edith Eig. Eig has been a formidable force in the knitting world for years, pushing the craze to knitting fanatics from Virginia Madsen to Catherine Zeta Jones.

For "Pushing Daisies," research was first and foremost on the agenda, and Eig was up for the task, teaching Chi the art of knitting. Her expertise was further employed when she was asked to custom design and hand knit a selection of one-of-a-kind props for the show. In a matter of days, she wielded her knitting needles to stitch up items including two gun holsters in red suede yarn, 10 "money bags" (aka socks), a tissue box, coasters, a pencil holder, a coffee-mug cozy, a desk file organizer, and a warm cable-knit scarf in a gold, cream and green tweed. Story from National Ledger

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