Monday, October 10, 2005


What's new with those Stitchin' Betties?

Those zany, wacky Stitchin' Betties are finding more even more charities to get involved with. (we are addicted to knitting, after all!)A lot of us are already involved with Cloths For Katrina, which still needs your knitting!

Awhile ago, one of our active cyber-members mentioned her activist knitting of chemo caps and inspired us all to do the same. Go Azxure Mama!

Now the Betties are talking to Head Huggers about becoming a "sister" splinter group for the organization. Since December 2001, Head Huggers has distributed approximately 5000-6000 chemo caps to oncologist's offices and chemotherapy sites in 19 different states. Simply put, the Betties will create and collect chemo caps for local cancer centers/hospitals/etc. and distribute them as they come in. Once we get this off the ground, we'll be happy to distribute chemo caps that you create. Keep an eye on our website for details. If you can't wait until then, look now for a local chapter of the Head Huggers here, or if there is no nearby group, why not start up one? Florida knitters, note that one group has already started in our state, it serves the Jacksonville, Orange Park, Green Cove Springs & Middleburg area. See the site for details!

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